Test Talk, by Greene & Melton

1 Aug

Standardized tests are not going anywhere. For this reason, I highly recommend Test Talk; especially to those teaching second through the testing grades. The book suggests teaching Testing as another genre. They do not suggests separating “test prep” days rather, integrating testing strategies throughout the literacy block. That’s what we all thought we were doing, right? I felt the book clearly lays out examples of how and when to do this seamlessly. The authors begin by asking themselves (1) Why do our students need to pass standardized tests? and (2)How can we help our students show what they know on standardized tests?  There were too many highlights, and notes from this read to make a full outline, but I’ve listed a few notes below:

  • Stamina: as an additional general reading strategy. After 5 years in second grade, lack of reading stamina was a recurring observation made by the 3rd grade teachers regarding the 2-3 grade ‘gap’. I can’t emphasize enough how important I think it is to prepare our second graders to gain reading (and thinking!) stamina, so I concur!
  • 3 Fundamental Beliefs about Preparing Students for Testing:
  1. Successful test takers first must be smart readers
  2. Successful test takers must be able to translate the unique language of the test
  3. Learning to be a successful test taker can be fun

I encourage you to try this one!


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